The Sugar Plum

I got to shoot a ballet rehearsal during Nutcracker season this year, and caught the Sugar Plum Fairy (my better half) having a good time. Bunheads rule!

Just A Few of Our Favorite Things from 2011

Every year on January 1st, our little family sits around the kitchen table and talks about the highlights from the year that’s just passed. Then each of us takes a peice of paper, and writes down all of our favorite things from the previous year. After that, I type them up, upload them to, and… Continue reading Just A Few of Our Favorite Things from 2011

Strange Garden Shot

I bent down into one of the beds the other day, and came up with a spattering of chigger bits. I also ended up with this weird shot, where the wide open 1.2 aperature delivered some unexpected goodies. This is a like some kind of bizarro bokeh.