The Sugar Plum

I got to shoot a ballet rehearsal during Nutcracker season this year, and caught the Sugar Plum Fairy (my better half) having a good time. Bunheads rule!

The Tunnel

Is it a surprise to anyone that the two-year-old is far more brave than the eight-year-old when faced with the dark, twisting tunnels of Fort Moultrie? What a great place to take the kids on a hot summer day – those bunkers are nice and cool!

Truth & Salvage Co.

Took some shots at the Truth & Salvage Co. show in January, and forgot to post them here. Great band, and I swear it’s not because I’ve know Timmy since I was a teenager. His a shot of most of the band. You can see the rest on Flickr.

Viceroy Butterfly Hatching from Chrysalis

Yesterday, during one of our evening backyard games of kick-fly, we stumbled upon a monarch viceroy butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Needless to say, this stopped us in our tracks. We all watched as this minute-old insect slowly dried its beautiful wings and prepared to take flight. My mother-in-law taught me everything I know about… Continue reading Viceroy Butterfly Hatching from Chrysalis

The Great 2010 Charleston Snowpocalypse

The snow came, and the snow went. It was that simple, but it helped to make what I’m sure will become one of the most memorable weekends in our family’s story. Charleston’s first snowfall in over 20 years crashed the party on Friday, blowing everyone’s mind in the process (look at that frozen marsh below!)… Continue reading The Great 2010 Charleston Snowpocalypse