Truth & Salvage Co.

Took some shots at the Truth & Salvage Co. show in January, and forgot to post them here. Great band, and I swear it’s not because I’ve know Timmy since I was a teenager. His a shot of most of the band. You can see the rest on Flickr.

From the Sketchbook :: Ross Dagley

Yesterday, I recovered this sketch from the flyer junkyard. Bob Evans, Ross Dagly, and Showermast – A winning combination since 1993.

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Music Lust :: Reviewed

I picked up Nic Harcourt‘s Music Lust the other night, and blew through it like an Entertainment Weekly. This collection of music categories is a worthy guide for rock’s uninitiated, but may seem basic to a music junkie. One section details Manchester UK bands by decade, while another suggests bands with cats and dogs in… Continue reading Music Lust :: Reviewed

The CD Long Box

I was going through and old stash in the attic, and came across something I hadn’t thought about in years: a CD long box. I had forgotten how big they were, and how much area was devoted to artwork. I remember hanging them in my locker like tiny posters, and on my bedroom wall like… Continue reading The CD Long Box