Write Right! :: Key Takeaways Part I

Writing is hard. There are rules. There are exceptions to the rules. Sometimes the exception is the rule. Throw-in perspective, irregular verbs, punctuation, and style and you’ve created alphabet soup with a side of insanity. I’ve been sifting through books on writing, and have finally found a useful one. Jan Venolia’s Write Right! is the… Continue reading Write Right! :: Key Takeaways Part I

Music Lust :: Reviewed

I picked up Nic Harcourt‘s Music Lust the other night, and blew through it like an Entertainment Weekly. This collection of music categories is a worthy guide for rock’s uninitiated, but may seem basic to a music junkie. One section details Manchester UK bands by decade, while another suggests bands with cats and dogs in… Continue reading Music Lust :: Reviewed

5G iPod :: Reviewed

I had to get one. No, I actually had to get one. After a day-long clicking seizure, my 4G’s failing hard drive was no more. So, naturally I picked up a 5G iPod as a replacement (Portable Music Withdrawal is powerful stuff…I had no idea.) Anyway, the headline should read, “Love at First Sight, Again”,… Continue reading 5G iPod :: Reviewed