Frontside Layback

I’ve been going through my old skateboarding photo archives, and I’m finding that some shots already look very dated. I’m old school! The youth of today needs to see that life isn’t all about nollie heelflips and switch half-cab varials. Notice the Santa Cruz and G&S stickers, as well as the Lance Mountain deck –… Continue reading Frontside Layback

I Want My Two Dollars (Back)!

After many months of teasing and scoffing at countless fakes, Apple finally revealed the new iPod (video). While the gadget itself looks pretty slick – 16:9 screen, thin, light, and in black – the biggest leap forward here is its support of video. And I’m not talking about the music videos available via iTunes in… Continue reading I Want My Two Dollars (Back)!

How Big are Your Windows?

The world of web site testing just got a little easier, or at least a little more accurate. For years, I implemented various methods for resizing windows to test my site development…even going as far as changing the actual resolution of my monitor to 800 x 600. Well my friends, those days are over. Do… Continue reading How Big are Your Windows?

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Loretta Lux Has the Snaps!

I’d like to think that I can take decent photos (which I can), and that I’m on the level with other photographers who do this full time (which, of course, I’m not.) Proof of this smacks me in the face every time I run across an artist like Loretta Lux. Her vision is somewhere between… Continue reading Loretta Lux Has the Snaps!

Watch Your Step

Explore an abandoned tuberculosis hospital or 180-year-old prison at Opacity [Urban Ruins]. This amazing photography project shows just what can be accomplished with a good idea, a nice camera, and a fresh tetanus shot.

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Information in Form

Now that five people have sent me links to his work, I’m officially calling it – Jonathan J. Harris really knows what he’s doing. His experiments in dynamic design are pushing the limits of Flash, RSS, and user interaction to amazing new levels. 10×10 is constantly devouring RSS feeds to establish a visual and informational… Continue reading Information in Form

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