Top 5 Frontmen of All-time

Who are the greatest frontmen of all-time? This is the question some co-workers and I tried to answer one rainy afternoon. After a heated discussion and bouts of whiteboard flailing, we came up with a solid top five and a few honorable mentions. We were trying to get at the best true frontman, so there… Continue reading Top 5 Frontmen of All-time

Josh McRoberts Named McDonalds MVP

Having the best high school hoops player in the country hail from your hometown is cool. Watching him dominate on national television is nothing short of thrilling. In case you haven’t heard, Josh McRoberts is the real deal, and was awarded MVP honors last night for his 17-point, 12-rebound effort against the best talent in… Continue reading Josh McRoberts Named McDonalds MVP

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PSP Media Hat Trick

My buddy and I challenged each other to get all the PSP media options buzzing over the weekend. Although I didn’t get started until Sunday afternoon (during my son’s naptime), I have to say that for the record, I was impressed! It took only 20 minutes to get photos, music, and videos loaded onto the… Continue reading PSP Media Hat Trick