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I wanted to give a shout out to my friend Christopher Donahue, and his brand new shiny blog. Chris works with me, so we are constant talking about webby things, including SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used by webby types to improve a site’s page ranking and position in search engine results, and it’s a good skill to have.

Ever Googled your own name? When Chris does this, an American Most Wanted page comes up featuring a serial killer by the same name…and from the same home state. What’s a guy to do? Start a blog, and optimize it so it appears near the top of the search results. After just 1 week, Chris’s blog is the #20 results…the very last entry on page 2. With some incoming links and additional activity, it should move up in no time. Good luck Chris!

Chris’s Blog

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By Chad Norman

Chad is a marketing and branding strategist, proven leader, speaker, founder, and author. As COO of Catch Talent, he leads day-to-day operations including finance, human resources, marketing, and communications, as well as directs all employer brand client deliverables. Prior to Catch, Chad was VP of Marketing & Communication at SPARC, he served on the senior leadership team and lead marketing and communication strategy across all products and services. At Blackbaud, the leading provider of nonprofit technology solutions, Chad managed digital marketing and online training teams. In 2016, Chad founded DisruptHR Charleston, a bi-annual gathering of HR professionals for a night of networking and Ignite talks. His book, 101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits: A Field Guide, was published by Wiley in February 2012. Chad has presented at dozens of industry events including SXSW, SHRM, DisruptHR, IHRIM, NTC, DMA, AFP, and BBCON and has lectured at Wake Forest University, Indiana University, University of Michigan, College of Charleston, and The Citadel.

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