Twitter Glitter :: Small Bursts of July 4th Goodness

I just got back from the fireworks store where I found this “Twitter Glitter” fountain by TNT fireworks. I couldn’t pass up this explosive which shares a name with the popular microblogging service. What are the odds it goes Fail Whale on me tonight and ends up a dud?

Dr. Seuss Collection Organized by Spectrum

While searching for a particular Dr. Seuss book the other day, I noticed there was a wide range of colors on the bindings. Inspired by chotda’s rainbow bookshelves, I quickly threw the Seussian volumes into their proper ROYGBIV order (I left all the white ones on the right). Not a mind-blowing display, but Coop liked… Continue reading Dr. Seuss Collection Organized by Spectrum

Mount Pleasant Speedbump Slows Stopping

You gotta wonder if this is progressive design or incompetent urban planning…or maybe you don’t. Either way, I bet this speedbump has a chronic case of braking envy. I mean, a speedbump next to a stop sign is like a Taser being followed by a bullet, right? Mount Pleasant location.

LORD 2.0

Driving north on I-75, the tundra of Western Ohio is pretty bleak. Rows of harvested corn fight off sticky snow, and the sky already has that gray winter glaze. This is why so many Ohioans move to SC…can you blame them? Somewhere south of Dayton, a giant red logo caught my eye. LORD. Not just… Continue reading LORD 2.0

Blog Count

I gave a division-wide presentation on blogging a couple weeks ago, and my coworkers kept a running tally of how many times I used the word “blog”. 114! Not bad for 35 minutes. I’m speaking to a group of librarians tomorrow on blogging, and it’s a full hour! I put the over/under at 210.

Taking the Stairs

Had I not been taking the stairs, I would have missed this hilarious opportunity to ingest some irony.