Film Found in Old Cameras

I have an old Pentax K-1000 with a partially exposed roll of film from 2001 – I can’t wait to crack it open one day. Now imagine buying a vintage camera and finding a roll of film from 1939. That’s what camera collector ‘GrayWater’ experiences regularly, giving him the opportunity to see prints for the… Continue reading Film Found in Old Cameras

Frontside Air

This is one of those shots that proves I’m old school, as sessions like this just don’t happen to everyguy skaters anymore. Can anyone get in their car and even drive to a ramp these days? Matt Gollnick busting a mean frontside over the channel – Summer 1990.

Backside Air

Here’s another old school skate photo from the archives. This is an unknown skater (possibly Matt Gollnick) grabbing backside on the metal vert ramp in Kokomo, Indiana. This shot was taken in 1990, which is evident by the billowing mullet worn by the guy in the bottom left. Ahhh, Indiana!

Frontside Layback

I’ve been going through my old skateboarding photo archives, and I’m finding that some shots already look very dated. I’m old school! The youth of today needs to see that life isn’t all about nollie heelflips and switch half-cab varials. Notice the Santa Cruz and G&S stickers, as well as the Lance Mountain deck –… Continue reading Frontside Layback

Loretta Lux Has the Snaps!

I’d like to think that I can take decent photos (which I can), and that I’m on the level with other photographers who do this full time (which, of course, I’m not.) Proof of this smacks me in the face every time I run across an artist like Loretta Lux. Her vision is somewhere between… Continue reading Loretta Lux Has the Snaps!

Watch Your Step

Explore an abandoned tuberculosis hospital or 180-year-old prison at Opacity [Urban Ruins]. This amazing photography project shows just what can be accomplished with a good idea, a nice camera, and a fresh tetanus shot.

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