Some Decent Sun Beams

Rays, beams, streaks – call ’em what you want, they are always nice to see. The boys and I ate dinner with this evolving show off in the distance, partially obscured behind a thunderhead over James Island. We thought they were cool because they went up instead of down – maverick sun beams.

Glowing Grass

I was walking Zoe through Palmetto Island County Park the other day when this pixie patch of glowing grass caught my eye. Seems like the kind of place a smurf would like. 

8 Textures from a Lowcountry Salt Marsh

The boys and I have been spending our late-afternoon grungy time on Wild Horse Island, the uninhabited plot of land just behind our house on Foster Creek. We’ve been busy mapping the terrain, blasting battle droids, cleaning up trash, and generally having a romping good time. With attractions like the Temple of Vines, Lonely Palm… Continue reading 8 Textures from a Lowcountry Salt Marsh

The Ins and Outs of Bamboo

We often bring home pieces of bamboo from the large, wild stand near the Sullivan’s Island playground. I recently was able to get a large, fresh, green piece that looked rather interesting next to a dried piece that had split down the middle. Original resolution on Flickr.