LORD 2.0

Driving north on I-75, the tundra of Western Ohio is pretty bleak. Rows of harvested corn fight off sticky snow, and the sky already has that gray winter glaze. This is why so many Ohioans move to SC…can you blame them? Somewhere south of Dayton, a giant red logo caught my eye. LORD. Not just… Continue reading LORD 2.0

Foul Ball at The Joe

Last night as the Riverdogs were playing Hickory, I commented to my friend Josh that our seats seemed to be in good foul ball territory. Mid-way down the third base line, just past the covered pavilion. Then just as our boys were cracking open juice boxes, it happened – A crack and the ball was… Continue reading Foul Ball at The Joe

You Gotta Love Wrong Number Voicemails

This message was left on my voicemail about a year ago, but I’ve never posted it here. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t who she was looking for. It’s short…enjoy! Here’s the .mp3

Three Year Old Googler

I was going through my browser history trying to find something, when I ran across a Google entry with my son’s name on it. When I opened the page, it became clear what had happened. Apparently he’s taken up egosurfing, and was googling his own name! OK, so he entered a little more than just… Continue reading Three Year Old Googler