New Clone Troopers

During our trip to Target tonight, it seems a small patrol of clone troopers infiltrated the cart. Hiding out among the diapers and place mats, these seven stowaways made it back to the house undetected, only to be captured and photographed for the entire empire to see. Commander Gree and Commander Bly are very detailed… Continue reading New Clone Troopers

Graffiti Artist Banksy Hits the Middle East

Ever since my friend Ian was forced to attend ‘gang counseling’ for his work around Indianapolis, I’ve respected the cultural tightrope that graffiti artists walk. Tagging walls incessantly with scribbled initials and symbols is one thing, but thought-provoking social graffiti is another. Graffiti artist Banksy took his vacation, and craft, to the Palestinian side of… Continue reading Graffiti Artist Banksy Hits the Middle East