Sea Level Solved

My friend, who has a sweet job at the local NOAA office, sent me this sea level analysis of my house and immediate vicinity. I’ve always wondered exactly how low our property sits, especially when high summer tides roll into our backyard. This color overlay shows elevation, with red being lower, and green being higher.… Continue reading Sea Level Solved

Lunar Eclipse Photo + Bonus Moonbow Dessert

I have terrible equipment for capturing celestial phenomenon (a 17-40mm), but my not-so-inner geek always pulls me out into the yard. I’ve caught meteors, rainbows, and even the northern lights (rare for SC), and tonight I got two more — a lunar eclipse and a moonbow — only 90 minutes apart. It was pretty cloudy… Continue reading Lunar Eclipse Photo + Bonus Moonbow Dessert

I Got My Skink-on!

Despite the fact that catching a blue-tailed skink may have given my cat feline vestibular disease, he fearlessly brought one up on the porch yesterday. The boys and I immediately captured and documented it with photos. I also learned that these are technically called 5-lined skinks.

Circumzenithal Arc

We have wet, warm winters down here, and it’s common to see all kinds of celestial activities. On December 2nd, I caught this circumzenithal arc in the late afternoon sky. Though past it’s peak in the photo, you can still see the tell-tale bending towards the sun, with the red band on the outside. It… Continue reading Circumzenithal Arc