Sony Vaio S560P :: Reviewed

My Sony Vaio S560P arrived without issue from the Best Buy warehouse. I unpacked the box, which included only the laptop, power supply, battery, and requisite paperwork – though it didn’t come with a CD of any kind (cool!) I charged it up, turned it on, hopped onto my wifi network, and I was in business.

THE GOOD :: This laptop is very well built, and feels sturdy despite its meager size and weight. The finish is quality, and the screen is amazing – The XBrite technology is as advertised. The simple layout makes it easy to use, as there aren’t buttons and inputs everywhere < -- a complaint I have of my Dell Inspiron which this Vaio is replacing. It feels great when typing, something I was worried about with such a small laptop. The fact that it is only 4.3 pounds is it's biggest selling point (besides the kickin' monitor), and it closes up and carries very easily. The widescreen monitor is crisp and sharp, and very very bright (did I mention that I love the monitor?) THE BAD :: The screen drains the power very quickly, and I have to turn the brightness way down to expect any kind of longevity. I would like to see a volume control on the body, but the FN key will work fine once I commit it to muscle memory. The VAIO startup screen has a horribly loud audio file associated with it, and I had to go into the BIOS to manually turn it off. I miss the mouse nub, but am already used to the pad. I had to uninstall some seriously knaggy programs, but this is common with most PC purchases, so I can't blame Sony. TAKEAWAYS :: I did my research, and this laptop provides exactly what I need: A portable, powerful, wireless laptop that makes typing easy. It's going to serve me well as a wireless terminal, not a desktop replacement. It will also work well as a DVD player for the kids when we are traveling. All in all, I am happy happy happy. I've always been a big Sony fanboy, and so far my first experience with a VAIO has been wonderful. Laptop


By Chad Norman

Chad is a marketing and branding strategist, proven leader, speaker, founder, and author. As COO of Catch Talent, he leads day-to-day operations including finance, human resources, marketing, and communications, as well as directs all employer brand client deliverables. Prior to Catch, Chad was VP of Marketing & Communication at SPARC, he served on the senior leadership team and lead marketing and communication strategy across all products and services. At Blackbaud, the leading provider of nonprofit technology solutions, Chad managed digital marketing and online training teams. In 2016, Chad founded DisruptHR Charleston, a bi-annual gathering of HR professionals for a night of networking and Ignite talks. His book, 101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits: A Field Guide, was published by Wiley in February 2012. Chad has presented at dozens of industry events including SXSW, SHRM, DisruptHR, IHRIM, NTC, DMA, AFP, and BBCON and has lectured at Wake Forest University, Indiana University, University of Michigan, College of Charleston, and The Citadel.


  1. Hey I noticed in your review that you managed to remove the annoying vaio startup screen sound. I am in law school and starting up my laptop in class is a pain due to that sound so is there any way you could tell me where exactly this sound is located in the bios.

  2. To get rid of that sound, I changed the volume setting in the BIOS (I wish I could just find the .wav file and delete it, but no luck).

    To access BIOS, do the following:

    1) When you see that first Sony VAIO startup screen, press the “F2” key on your keyboard.
    2) When you see the “PheonixBIOS Setup Utility” screen, use the “Right Arrow” key to select “Advanced”.
    3) Use the “Down Arrow” key to select “Speaker Volume”
    4) Press the “Enter” key on your keyboard
    5) Use the arrow keys to select “0”
    6) Press the “Enter” key on your keyboard
    7) Press the “Right Arrow” key to select “Exit”
    8) Make sure “Exit (Save Changes)” is selected, which it should be by default.
    9) Press the “Enter” key on your keyboard
    10) On the “Save Configuration Now” screen, make sure “Yes” is selected and press ‘Enter”

    You are done. You may have also noticed an option to get rid of the Sony animation altogether…feel free to bust that out as well.

    Good Luck!

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